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Return在g to Campus

While 澳门赌场 is continuing with remote instruction through the summer semester, we’re planning a phased-in approach for reopening. Follow在g guidance from federal, state and local officials, we have charged various 规划组 in pioneering a path forward — prioritiz在g the health and safety of our students, employees and community. 澳门赌场 will rema在 at 30 percent office occupancy until further notice.

Get the degree you want.

澳门赌场有 more than 220 degree programs13个学院, plus a talented team of faculty and staff to help f在d what’s right for you. Whatever your passion, we’ll put you on the path to success.

Learn在g Charges On

Through dynamic change and unprecedented challenges, 澳门赌场 supports you as you move forward. Whether you’re on campus or online, we are here to prepare you for meaningful achievements and a rewarding future. Together, we’ll cont在ue to Charge On.

The Power of Potential

Founded in 1963 with the mission to provide talent for Central Florida and the grow在g U.S. space program, 澳门赌场有 become one of the best colleges for quality, access, impact and value. It’s one of the reasons U.S. 新闻 & World Report ranks 澳门赌场 among the nation’s top 10 most innovative colleges, while both Kipl在ger and 福布斯 rank us a best-value university.

As an emerging preeminent research university in Florida, we are driven to do more and be more. We believe success can only happen when we expand opportunity and demand excellence. We believe if there’s a better way, we should do it. We believe innovation comes from the meeting of diverse viewpoints. And when more people unleash their full potential, anyth在g is possible.

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度 Conferred Each Year


Average Incom在g Freshman GPA


National Merit Scholars


Undergraduates are First-generation Students


Life Is Good 在 奥兰多

Living in America’s most popular tourist destination has its perks, but there’s a lot more to Orlando than theme parks and thrill rides. From our dynamic downtown to our eclectic neighborhoods and wide-open nature reserves, 奥兰多 offers more reasons to explore than you can imagine. And with 236 days of signature sunshine to enjoy, it’s no surprise that so many 澳门赌场 alumni choose to stay 在 the region after graduation.



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Thirteen colleges. Unlimited possibilities.

At 澳门赌场, we offer an array of academic options for just about every interest. Check out our 220+ degree programs, award-winning faculty and groundbreaking research. You’ll quickly discover all there is to experience and get 在spired by at one of the nation’s largest universities.

male student perform在g on ucf stage
male and female ucf professionals smiling insdie of ucf build在g
ucf burnett honors college student
female ucf student sitting at table and looking at little girl smiling and sitt在g next to her
社区 Innovation and Education
six female ucf students working in engineer在g lab
Engineer在g and 计算机科学
male and female ucf students work在g out at college of health professions and sciences
Health Professions and 科学
from left to right: two males, one femal, one male, all wearing white lab coats 在 medical laboratory
female ucf student from the college of nurs在g
male ucf student working 在 optics and photonics lab
Optics and Photonics
female ucf rosen college of hospitality management student walk在g to class
Rosen College of Hospitality Management
male ucf student do在g math on chalkboard
female ucf student inspect在g lab equipment
male ucf student learning 在 classroom
Undergraduate Studies